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Chemical Hearts (2020)  

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In the highly acclaimed thriller Chemical Hearts, a high school junior falls head over heels in love with another transfer student who also happens to be a heart-stopping killer. The story is told as a series of vignettes, each taking the readers on an exciting and suspenseful journey into the inner workings of the mind of the killer, as he makes his way from one killing spree to the next. With excellent character development, shocking revelations, and fast-paced, suspenseful scenes, Chemical Hearts is an interesting and thrilling read for readers who are looking for something to get them on the edge of their seat.

When Junior is placed in a group of new students to be integrated into his social circle at his new high school, he quickly falls for one of the girl's closest friends, a high school junior named Tiffany. Despite her friendliness, Junior feels something just a little bit odd about this new relationship. Tiffany is attractive, intelligent, and possesses the brains to back up her personality. Yet, despite his initial admiration for her, Junior cannot shake the feeling that there is something very wrong with her. When Junior comes face-to-face with the truth, it leads him into a world where he must decide whether to save Tiffany or let her die.

As Junior is confronted by the truth, he begins to question whether or not he can truly love someone who is only out to kill people. Junior is also faced with his own fears of what his new life at his new school will be like - not to mention dealing with a mysterious and dangerous person who seems willing to sacrifice anything to get his way. Junior also struggles with feelings of guilt as he realizes that he could have stopped Tiffany's death. What Junior did was not his best decision, but he must face his own personal demons and make the difficult decision of whether he will live with his past mistakes. Junior's struggle to make the right decisions is made even more interesting when we learn that Tiffany herself was once guilty of murder - a fact that sets Junior on a journey of self-examination that is both emotional and intellectually stimulating.

One of the greatest things about Chemical Hearts is the book's use of language. Although the language is not perfect, it is very interesting. The writing style is very interesting and easy to read, yet it is very powerful and gripping. Senior's struggle to make a decision is made even more difficult by Tiffany's actions and inactions. Junior's own struggles to make the right choices as well as Junior's reaction to the events surrounding his discovery of Tiffany's past mistakes.

Julie Andrews shines throughout the story of Junior's discovery of the person who killed his sister and left him haunted by that very same loss. Julie Andrews displays a great deal of emotion throughout the story and gives us a unique view of Junior's past, making this novel an interesting and memorable experience. Junior's discovery of the person responsible for his sister's death adds a personal touch to this novel that has a great deal to do with the reader's ability to empathize with the character, but also gives the reader an understanding of why Junior would choose to stay with this person after finding out all that they have gone through.

Overall, Chemical Hearts is a gripping and exciting novel that will keep the reader interested throughout. The characters are intriguing, Junior's discovery of the person responsible for his sister's death is gripping, and the storyline is captivating and engaging.

Rating: 7.7  | IMDb
Genres: Drama , Romance  | Duration: 93 min  | Year: 2020

Average: 7.7 / 10 (1693 votes)
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